Wednesday, April 13, 2011


No clouds. All clouds are gone, like they've been blown away by a giant mouth. The sky looks like a huuuuge swimming pool.

What do you see?

Friends chatting; shattered shadow on picnic tables; tall buildings that look like butter bars.

What do you hear?

The sound of leaves crawling on the side walk; car engines; foot steps; car alarm, may be some one is trying to steal a car, should I care about that? Should I blow a whistle, or just remain silent?

What do you smell?

Fresh air ... Haaaaaaaaa

What are you touching/feeling with your fingers?

Rough, choppy, bumpy rocks; the very soft paper of my notebook; the skinny pen I'm holding.

Why is parking not for free? Why should we pay for parking our cars on campus?

Why do people have security alarms in their cars? Shouldn't the world be so safe that people do not have to have security alarms in their cars and houses?

Why did I leave my home country and take a 14-hour direct flight to the United States?

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